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Lock Yourself in the Toilet

Well, I don’t know what’s the best place to crying when you’re not close to the worship place. So, I choose the toilet and let the people busy with their business.

Many things that I should say gratefully to who have this universe, but I’m just human and I have to cry although for stupid things. The stupid things that make me should I lock myself in the toilet.

In the end, the human will cry alone. That is bullshit about, someday will come the prince will give you his shoulder that became your place to cry. Prince is still human, that will request you to always be there for you too, anytime.

Actually, I never trust about mental health. Am I look like someone who has a mental illness? No, I’m just human who need the time to cry. It’s okay if you crying alone, that is not ill, that is very human.

Am I look like someone who depresses? No, it’s very human if you feel mad even you can’t loud. It’s very human until you not thinking about suicide.

Actually, this moment I create to make myself more strong than before. I feel I lost the best part of me. The best part who be brave, the best part who never sensitive, the best part who never broken. And this moment I create to remind myself, I ever did it, so I should back to did it!

We need a special time even that is in the toilet. We need a special moment even that is not in the shoulder prince. We need a special moment with ourself, not for negative thinking but to treat ourself better, to listen to what ourself biggest wish.

Stop to say you are ill. You just need a break, not stop it.

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